Autumn’s Journey

Autumn’s Journey

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Release: 5/16/2014 [NA]

Publisher: Apple Cider

Genre: Visual Novel, Indie, Otome



The world of Ishtera is populated by two races: dragonkind, who have lived there for eons, and the heavenkind, who have recently appeared.

Auralee, an aspiring knight from the farming town of Berri, stumbles upon something unexpected during one of her patrols. After a rather inelegant introduction, Kerr states he's really an Earth Dragon - one of the mystical beasts that inhabit their world, Ishtera. Whether he likes it or not, Auralee is now involved in his mission to regain his dragon form. Along with some help by a fellow dragonkind namedIlmari, their journey begins...

A simple VN about friendship, growth and understanding, we hope it’s as warm and comforting as apple cider ^_^



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