The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe

Release: 2/15/2017 [NA] 2/15/2017 [EU]

Publisher: Adventure Productions

Genre: Adventure


Purchase: Steam


It all happened five years ago, during a picnic arranged by Ronald and his best friend Skinny.

Things were going well, until Ronald pulled out two very tiny plums from his basket, one for Skinny and one for him. Not knowing about his deadly allergy to plums, Skinny didn’t think twice about eating it, and immediately went into anaphylactic shock which caused his sudden death. Ronald ran off, terrified.

When he woke up, Skinny discovered that he had become a skeleton and been sentenced to live in Ronald’s bedroom wardrobe forever. Since then, Skinny has watched over Ronald constantly, without his knowledge… but now things are going to change!

To save his best friend’s soul from eternal damnation, Skinny will be forced to reveal himself and make Ronald admit his 'crime'. Not a simple challenge at all!

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