“Hello Neighbor” Announcement Trailer Released

"What is he doing in that basement?!"

“Hello Neighbor” Announcement Trailer Released -

"Hello Neighbor," currently still in development by Dynamic Pixels, is a horror-survival game where you play as the nosy guy that tries to sneak into his neighbor's house. Why? Because the neighbor boarded up his basement door, and you have to learn why. Check out the suspenseful announcement trailer below:

What makes the game particularly scary, is that the AI neighbor learns your favorite ways to break into the house and will start setting traps and cameras to try to stop you. The neighbor isn't a monster or a vampire or anything supernatural like that (not that we know of, anyway)...he is just a normal dude. The game doesn't rely on jump scares, like other horror-survival games. All you have to do is avoid your neighbor who follows the same in-game rules that you do. And get into that basement because something is happening there. There has to be something.


"Hello Neighbor" is set for release in the summer of 2017. You can already find it on Steam and if you can't wait, you can sign up for the Alpha here.

Source: Official Site

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

Release:2017 Q2

Publisher: tinyBuild

Platforms: PC

Purchase: Steam

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