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You want to work for us? Fantastic! Here’s what we’re looking for:

Staff Writer - Unpaid

Staff Writers will have the opportunity to compose breaking news, general industry news, feature length articles, and reviews for new releases.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Multiple platforms on which to play video games.
  • Able to produce 2+ articles per week.

Good to Have:

  • Associates degree or higher in a related field.
  • Prior writing, journalism, or editorial experience.
  • Basic HTML knowledge (Easy stuff, promise, the CMS does all the heavy lifting)

What to Expect:
Ideal candidates should be able to go online and find the latest news and write about exciting developments as soon as the news breaks. You will be expected to produce at least one review per month and at least 2 news articles per week. Hours are whatever you want them to be, but we require that you are available on our chat client while you are working. Any material written will need to be entered into our CMS and follow an approval workflow with our editor before being published. Write about what you want, very rarely do we hand out specific assignments, we’re not going to force you to write about something you have no interest in.

Important Note:
Free games do not come by often, we are still establishing ourselves and until that time comes, we will not be getting tons of AAA games for free. Indie games, absolutely, but do not apply expecting to get tons of free stuff. As we grow, we will gain access to those titles, and conventions, that we want to be able to share with the team.

To Apply:
Send an email to with a resume, cover letter, two sample news articles, and sample game review.


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