“Overwatch” Halloween Event Has Begun!

With A Spooky Reveal Trailer!

“Overwatch” Halloween Event Has Begun! - With A Spooky Reveal Trailer!

The "Overwatch" Halloween Event has officially begun! Check out this reveal trailer on some of the creepy changes that are going to punctuate this event!

Besides the plethora of new skins, sprays and cosmetic whatnots, it looks like each stage has been changed to be more Halloween-y. Also, the Brawl for the event, entitled "Junkenstein's Revenge" is a PvE game-mode where the players work together as set heroes to destroy increasingly difficult waves of robot-ghosts and Frankenstein'd heroes. Definitely an interesting twist on the traditional "Overwatch" gameplay!

The Halloween Event will likely only last a couple of weeks before everything gets packed back up into the attic until next October, so jump in now and shoot some ghosts and take down the evil Dr. Junkenstein!



Release: 5/23/2016 [NA]

ESRB Rating: Teen

Publisher: Activision

Platforms: PC, Mac

Purchase: GameStop Amazon

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