“The Wardrobe” Gets New Release Date

Extra Time to Clean Up Some More

“The Wardrobe” Gets New Release Date - Extra Time to Clean Up Some More

Italian indie developer C.I.N.I.C Games and publisher Adventure Productions announced recently that their upcoming point-and-click game “The Wardrobe” will have a new release date of Feb. 15.

“The Wardrobe” was originally slated for a Jan. 26 release date but was pushed further for three more weeks in order to add some more final polish. After being Greenlit on Steam in less than six days back in June 2016, the game was initially scheduled for a Sept. 2016 release. By October of the same year, publisher Adventure Productions announced a Jan. 26, 2017 release date after showcasing the game in last year’s Milan Games Week.

Inspired by classic games such as “Monkey Island” and “Day of the Tentacle,” “The Wardrobe” is a 2D point-and-click adventure that focuses on skeleton Skinny’s adventures in the closet of his best friend Ronald. The game promises loads of pop culture references, hand-painted environments and a strong sense of humor. Its website describes the game as something that “isn’t shy about dealing with mature and non-politically correct themes.” English and Italian voiceovers will also be available, as well as multi-language subtitle support.

Once available for PC, Mac, and Linux, “The Wardrobe” will be priced at $14.99 (14.99 euros) in Steam, Zodiac, and Humble Store.

The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe

Release: 2/15/2017 [NA] 2/15/2017 [EU]

Publisher: Adventure Productions

Platforms: Linux, Mac, PC

Purchase: Steam

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