Welcome to Player Theory

Our humble corner of the internet.

Welcome to Player Theory - Our humble corner of the internet.

Hello and welcome fellow reader! We're another game news and review site, yay! We are however a little bit different. We don't take money from companies to influence review scores or news coverage. Boom! Right there, that's huge. Sure, we run ads on the site to keep it up and running, and game companies may send us a copy of a game to review, but our goal from day one (today!) is to be completely honest and unbiased in our coverage.

We also don't just stop at news and reviews for video games. There are many different faces of gaming! Notice how we're not called something like XBox Zone 4 U or something specific like that? Player Theory wants to cover all sorts of gamers. Play tabletop games? Great! Come on in. Maybe you prefer gaming on your phone while taking a bathroom break at work (you know you do) well then we've got you covered as well! We don't just tailor to the hardcore console gamer demographic.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay and will come back time and time again! We'll be rolling out new features to the site as time goes on and our community can only grow! Jump in the comments if you've got an opinion! Share one of Kevin's ranty reviews with your friends, and most importantly, game on!

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